About the Company

Destiny.Games company was founded in 2017. Throughout the five years of its existence, the company has been a dynamic developer, licenser, localizer and retailer of online multiplayer games, including a seller of in-game items in the retailed online multiplayer games. It has released such acclaimed gaming projects, including “Botva” (https://botva.ru/), “Music Wars” (https://musicwars.ru/). The aggregate audience of all retailed gaming projects by the company exceeds 22 million players.

Today, Destiny.Games continues to develop its success, creating excellent games and aspiring to new heights.

  • Our task is to immerse the player in a virtual world with the maximum amount of comfort.
  • Our mission is to create an atmosphere that will inspire every player to become a celebrated hero of the game’s universe.
  • Our projects are a great opportunity to take a break from routine, find new friends and have a good time.

Destiny.Games is more than just a tight-knit and successful team. Our company is a holistic mechanism whose every cogwheel works in perfect tandem with the others.

Our primary aim is to work together on the goals we set ourselves.

Are you ready to join our friendly, cohesive team and participate in many memorable creative experiences? We would be happy to welcome you.

Here you can always count on help and support from your colleagues.