The MosWar project is guaranteed fun! Drawing on the tensions between native Muscovites and newcomers to the city, the game presents a virtual Moscow which isn’t particularly reminiscent of its real-life counterpart, and yet is inhabited by some immediately recognizable characters:

  • Medved, the ursine ur-meme;
  • Gopniki, the loitering lowlifes;
  • Onotole, the living legend.

They’ll show you how fun and interesting this game can be. Early on, you have to get your character in better physical shape by working out at the gym. That way, he’ll find it easier to hold his own in case of a sudden attack in a back-alley, or in the middle of the street. There’s a daily capture the flag battle which brings good luck to its holder, as well as an hourly contest for the title of Badass Muscovite.

When you get a break from all the brawling and bravado, you can take a tour of the city, or be a good citizen and help fight street crime. You’ll also shop at various stores – as long as you earn some money first, that is. Buying a personal mining operation can help with that down the road.

MosWar is an interesting and fun MMORPG, high-quality and incredibly engrossing. Have a great time with this game – you’ll love it!