"What the HAULM is that?"

Botva is a humorous online game set in a wacky world that’s never heard of orcs, necromancers, and other clichés. Here you become a real pig and smack down some real sheep with no regard for conventions and morals. Put a colander on your head, saddle up your snail, go out and plunder the plunderers! You can play it on your own, with friends, with your partner, even your kids or your pet baby elephants, you name it! This game is fun for absolutely everyone!

  • Play from the office. Play like a ninja. The game honestly doesn’t take a lot of time. No one will ever even notice that you’re a level 80 Sheep challenging the top clans!
  • Play from home. While relaxing with a cup of tea. The key to winning this game is a strong head, not fast mouse fingers.
  • Play in between playing other games. The tiny online time requirement, light-hearted humor, and relaxing gameplay make Botva the ideal choice for breaks and rest periods.
  • Play while traveling. Combat is instant, so don’t worry about your connection. Keep robbing the bastards who’ve been robbing you!
  • Play at your command HQ. Mastermind a plan. Level up your Pendant, join a clan, choose a tactic, and become an unstoppable monster of goodness!

No matter whether you’re a casual player looking to just have fun and hang out with people, or a PRO aiming for the undisputed pinnacle of hardcore, the game has a place for everyone:

  • The Sales Depot. Trade with other players.
  • The Forge. Collect commissions and craft truly awesome armor and weapons out of barrels, forks, spoons, and other valuables.
  • The Mines. Log on every couple of hours to swing your pickaxe like a true underground artist.
  • The Butting Grounds. Headbutt other players and take their gold.
  • The Farm. Toil away at the laborious tasks of supervision and administration.
  • The Battlefields. Join teams and fight other players in turn-based and realtime battles.
  • The Pirate Ship! Or the Border Patrol. Or you can ride a snail. But you might prefer the little flying hippo.

There are new updates every week. We never get bored, and you’ll stay as entertained as we are! We’ve been bringing fun, joy, and social interaction for over seven years. And now we’ve launched a new server where you can become anyone you like and seize any place you set your eyes on!