Bluehole Studio (Krafton) In 2014, Destiny.Games and Korean developer Bluehole Studio (subsidiary of Krafton Game Union) signed an agreement to localize and publish the MMORPG TERA in Russia and the CIS. In 2011, TERA won the top prize at Korea Game Awards, as well as prizes for Best Graphics, Best Characters, and Best Sound. Imperia Online In September 2017, Imperial Hero II, a popular browser game, was successfuly launched in Russia and CIS countries. The project was carried out by Destiny.Games in cooperation with Imperia Online. Rostelecom In the autumn of 2015, an agreement was signed to launch and promote the popular multiplayer game TERA on the RosTelecom platform. The game received well-deserved acclaim and established itself as the year’s most notable and promising new release. The game also topped the service’s game popularity chart. Steam In September 2015, Destiny.Games signed an agreement to promote the popular multiplayer game TERA via the Steam network. WWF In October 2011, Destiny.Games became the first game developer to partner with the world’s largest charity, the World Wildlife Fund, whose mission is to prevent the continued degradation of the planet’s environment and to reach harmony between humanity and nature. Innova In December 2008, a contract was signed with Innova Systems to cooperate on promoting the Lineage II project on the Russian market. A fan site for Lineage II’s official Russian servers was tested and launched. In July 2009, an agreement was signed to promote the popular Russian game Botva Online via the portal. This strategic partnership has enabled users to register and play Botva with a simpler registration system, using their e-mail login. Sofiawars In 2011, the popular Russian game MosWar was successfully localized and launched in Bulgaria. Launches in other countries are in the works. KongZhong In September 2012, the popular Russian MMORPG MosWar was successfully localized and launched in China by the KongZhong company. XS Software Destiny.Games and XS Software signed a contract under which XS Software would publish the games MosWar and Botva Online in Bulgaria.