A riveting runner-style arcade game chronicling the adventures of the cranky Doc and his faithful Dog.

The inseparable duo are planning an escape from a desert island when an error in Doc’s calculations results in their makeshift rocket exploding. As their terrible luck would have it, the two best friends end up at opposite ends of the planet

As Doc & Dog flew their plane over that desert island, they never expected to have to stay there for a long time. The plane crashed, forcing the professor to use all his wits to cobble together a makeshift flying machine. Sadly, the contraption turned out to be very unreliable; poor Dog fell off and found himself all alone on the tiny island, while the genius scientist must now find a way to get back there and rescue his friend.

This game is a great entry in the runner genre – where you have to constantly move forward, dodging obstacles and collecting bonuses which make beating the game easier.

Your progress is determined by the distance you’re able to cover. You’ll gradually be able to unlock five different, upgradable flying machines. They’ll take you around the world, from the glaciers of the Arctic to oceans, deserts, and sunny vales.